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Blue Flowered Perennials

blue flowered perennials

    blue flowered
  • having blue flowers

  • Phacelia bolanderi is a species of flowering plant known by several common names, including Bolander's phacelia, Bolander's scorpionweed, blue-flowered grape-leaf, and caterpillar flower.

  • (perennial) lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal; "perennial happiness"

  • (perennial) recurring again and again; "perennial efforts to stipulate the requirements"

  • A perennial plant

  • (perennial) lasting three seasons or more; "the common buttercup is a popular perennial plant"

blue flowered perennials - Purple Hamba

Purple Hamba Wood Bead Sequin Blue Flowered Earrings

Purple Hamba Wood Bead Sequin Blue Flowered Earrings

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Pastel colored jewelry with nature's beauty will sure bring you lots of appealing style. With relaxing frenchwire backs, this pair makes a great accessory for everyday wear.

Condition: New
Material: Hypoallergenic metal
Gram Weight: 1.34
Stone: Hamba Wood & Sequin
Stone Shape:
Gemstone Shape:
Top to Bottom: Approx. 1.75 inches
Side to Side:
Closure/Style: French Wire Earrings/Dangling

Item Disclaimer:

All images of our items are NOT in actual size. They may have been enhanced to better represent the item in a more detailed way. Please refer to the Product Details for all other item details such as measurement, weight, etc. All measurement and weight information provided on each item are approximate and may differ to the actual item, due to high-volume inventory.

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Blue aster

Blue aster

Aster azul - Aster bleu
There are a large number of asters, about 600 species. The Greek word aster meaning "star" because of the shape of the flower). This plant belongs to the family fall-flowering perennials. In general, the asters are hardy and easy to grow.


Il y a un nombre tres important d'asters ; 600 especes environ. Le mot grec aster signifiant « etoile », a cause de la forme de la fleur ) . Cette plante fait partie de la grande famille des vivaces a floraison automnale. En general, les asters sont des plantes rustiques et facile a cultiver.


Hay muchas de variedades de aster, alrededor de 600 especies. El nombre en griego significa "estrella" por la forma de la flor). Esta planta pertenece a la familia de plantas perennes de otono-floracion. En general, el aster es robusto y facil de cultivar.

Feeling Bright Blue About Fall

Feeling Bright Blue About Fall

What a find! Leadwort! This one is called Fall Magic and it's for Dianne because she likes blue and because the deer have eaten all her roses.

Who doesn't like true blue in the garden? I've never seen a leadwort before but I am a spiderwort fan. Fall Magic is blue, blue, blue .... just as you see it here. The flowers remind me of phlox and I think I have a new best friend.

6" - 8" in height
Full to part sun
Blooms summer and fall
Easy care
Deer resistant

blue flowered perennials

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Dried purple flowers. Diy bridal bouquets.

Dried Purple Flowers

dried purple flowers

    purple flowers
  • (purple-flowered) having purple flowers

  • (Purple-flowering) Rubus odoratus (Purple-flowering Raspberry, Flowering Raspberry, or Virginia raspberry) is a species of Rubus, native to eastern North America, from Nova Scotia west to Ontario, and south to Georgia and Alabama.

  • Cause to become dry

  • (dry) remove the moisture from and make dry; "dry clothes"; "dry hair"

  • preserved by removing natural moisture; "dried beef"; "dried fruit"; "dehydrated eggs"; "shredded and desiccated coconut meat"

  • Become dry

  • Wipe tears from (the eyes)

  • not still wet; "the ink has dried"; "a face marked with dried tears"

dried purple flowers - Super Blue-purple

Super Blue-purple French Lavender Dried Lavander Buds - 1 Pound - Dry Flowers

Super Blue-purple French Lavender Dried Lavander Buds - 1 Pound - Dry Flowers

Plant overview Many people appreciate lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) for its aromatic fragrance, used in soaps, shampoos, and sachets for scenting clothes. The name lavender comes from the Latin root lavare, which means "to wash." Lavender most likely earned this name because it was frequently used in baths to help purify the body and spirit. However, this herb is also considered a natural remedy for a range of ailments from insomnia and anxiety to depression and mood disturbances. Recent studies bear out years of anecdotal evidence showing that lavender produces calming, soothing, and sedative effects. Insomnia in folklore, pillows were filled with lavender flowers to help the restless fall sleep. There is now scientific evidence to suggest that aromatherapy with lavender slows the activity of the nervous system, improves sleep quality, promotes relaxation, and lifts mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. Studies also suggest that massage with essential oils, particularly lavender, may result in improved sleep quality, more stable mood, increased mental capacity, and reduced anxiety. In one recent study, participants who received massage with lavender felt less anxious and more positive than participants who received massage alone. Lavender flowers have also been approved by the Commission E in Germany as a tea for insomnia, restlessness, and nervous stomach irritations. Aromatherapy Aromatherapists also use lavender as a tonic in inhalation therapy to treat headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. Herbalists treat skin ailments, such as fungal infections (like candidiasis), wounds, eczema, and acne, with lavender oil. It is also used externally in a healing bath for circulatory disorders and as a rub for rheumatic ailments (conditions affecting the muscles and joints).

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Purple-Flowering Raspberry

Purple-Flowering Raspberry

Purple-flowering Raspberry (Rubus odoratus) is the only Massachusetts Rubus without compound leaves or spiny stems. The fruit, or drupe, is a highly valued food for native birds, but has a very dry and unappealing flavor to humans. Though this plant can be found occurring in a variety of situations, it is most often observed growing as part of circumneutral talus or boulder field communities. Specifically, circumneutral talus and boulder field communities occur in situations where minerals leached from bedrock enrich the soil and create a relatively high pH. Purple-flowering Raspberry is a great native plant for landscaping, as it is both attractive and of high wildlife value.

Dried Purple Flowers

Dried Purple Flowers

Continuing the wedding theme, these flowers were in the head table arrangement and I now have them in a vase.

Happy Purple Tuesday!

And happy Burns Night to any of you who are celebrating - I'm about to dig into my haggis, neeps & tatties!

dried purple flowers

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Silk Flower Wreaths

silk flower wreaths

    flower wreaths
  • (Flower wreath (attire)) The Ukrainian wreath (вінок, vinok) is a headdress made from leaves, flowers, and branches worn by girls and young unmarried women. The wreath may be part of a tradition dating back to the old East Slavic customs that predate the Christianization of Rus.

  • (Flower Wreath) (Flower Necklace): Ensnares the opponent in a ring of flowers to tame it.

  • animal fibers produced by silkworms and other larvae that spin cocoons and by most spiders

  • (silks) the brightly colored garments of a jockey; emblematic of the stable

  • A fine, strong, soft, lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric

  • A similar fiber spun by some other insect larvae and by most spiders

  • Thread or fabric made from the fiber produced by the silkworm

  • a fabric made from the fine threads produced by certain insect larvae

silk flower wreaths - Flower Tiara

Flower Tiara

Flower Tiara

Princess for a Day with the Perfect Tiara! Rule over your party or event with the Flower Tiara. These flower tiaras are great for any princess theme party, renaissance princess costume or luau event! One size fits most kids. Approximately 21" circumference around inside of tiara wreath. Flower tiara with ribbon tail. Ribbon tail is 17" long. Simulated silk flowers adorn the tiara. Assorted colors. The perfect accessory for any princess costume, or royal event. The Flower Tiara is what you need when you are princess for the day! Part of Costumes > Hats & Wigs > Crowns & Tiaras

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Sailor Yarn Wreath

Sailor Yarn Wreath

This 14 inch wreath has been wrapped in layer upon layer of textured eggshell yarn and then once again with a soft organic two toned navy yarn to create the distinctive lifesaver pattern. It is decorated tastefully with wool flowers, each petal is hand cut and layered with retro buttons and coral inspired green leaves. Nestled in amongst the foliage are found objects including a cameo, starfish, pearl stamens, cotton fabric yoyos, vintage millinery flowers and wisps of tulle. SOLD

This wreath comes with a rope hanger that can be removed or adjusted as needed and will look smashing anywhere from a bedroom to a window sill.

Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

I made a wreath to wear on my head with my Halloween costume. Call me Esmeralda, the Harvest Witch.

silk flower wreaths

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